TheCuteKid Baby Photo Contest Wallpaper Baby Photo Contest Winner - Baby Modeling Wallpaper of the 2008 CuteKid of The Year Kaylee who is the offical CuteKid Photo Contest Winner. Do You have a CuteKid?

Baby-Contest Baby Contest - Baby Coloring Picture for Free. Baby Photos for your cute kid to color in download and print for your kid's enjoyment. Brought to you by thecutekid baby contest.


Mahjong World Contest HTML5  v.1.1

Plunge into 'Mahjong World Contest' and conduct a world tournament with various qualifying rounds and achievements. Win trophies and explore lots of fortuities to earn rank points.

Stew Perry Contest Log  v.1 1

The Stew Perry Contest Log was written for the enjoyment of all amateur radio operators.This program scores 1 point for each QSO plus 1 point for each 500 kilometers distance to the station being worked. The distance is based on the grid square.

Contest Log Checker  v.3 1

Contest LogChecker is a set of contest tools for Microsoft Windows, combining advanced text editing with keyword highlighted, and the ease and flexibility of import, export, statistics and charting utilities.

Aerobatic Contest Results Organiser  v.3.0

Aerobatic Contest Results Organiser is quick and easy to use, offering all scoring regimes from simple raw-grades to the current CIVA FairPlay™ statistical methodology.

Weekly Drawing Contest  v.2

A contest CMS that adds/removes contests.

Frank Zapper Deathmatch Contest  v.1.0

Enter the training center, where computer-controlled bots will hunt you. Only accuracy with your laser rifle and fast tactical decisions will save your life. Barrels provide cover, but they explode after a few hits. Blow them up and start a

Atomic 3D Shooter

Great arcade game in 3D space - fuse and nuke all the flying atoms that are trying to fill your desktop window. Two game modes, a meditative and a time-pressed one, are included, as well as different skill levels. Online contest for best players. Easy

TRLog  v.6 69

TR LOG is a high-performance Amateur Radio contest logging program designed to make the most of your computer during a contest. It is designed so that the process of making and logging contacts is as efficient as possible - so you make more contacts.

RCKLog  v.3 24

RCKLog for Windows incorporates many advanced features that create the ultimate contesting tool for novice and expert alike. It is a powerful contest logging program for every ham, from single-operator to multi-multi.

VHFLOG32  v.3 5

Features: - Free logger runs in 98SE thru Win7 OS, with post contest log entry. - Logs ARRL VHF/UHF `big 4` contests, Sprints etc. - Use GenLog for other VHF/UHF contests plus hundreds of HF/DIG/QRP/State contests. - Logs Rover QSOs as Call/R.

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